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Listen to Gonjasufi - "Nikels and Dimes"

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
December 01, 2011

The new Gonjasufi release MU.ZZ.LE will be released in January of next year, and the track "Nikels and Dimes" is the first single off of the new album. MU.ZZ.LE was recorded and mixed it on his own in Gonjasufi's studio in the Mojave Desert. It's an exploration of the fine line between anger and passion. From Gonjasufi: “There’s a duality that exists and to deny it, is the biggest mistake. MU.ZZ.LE was more like knowing that what comes out of the mouth of man, sets man free or defiles them, it was me guarding my words and my tongue. These words are less but I feel like I’m saying more.” Get the MP3 for an email address below:

MP3: Gonjasufi - Nikels and Dimes

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