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Apple TV 3 Update: TV Set in Three Sizes, Siri and Kinect

Apple TV 3 Update: TV Set in Three Sizes, Siri and Kinect

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By: Corey Tate
December 5, 2011

The latest Apple TV 3 update news includes an Apple TV set in three different sizes, using Siri features for changing channels and navigation, sometimes being called iTV by the web. The Apple TV vs Google TV fight for 2012 seems to get bigger and better each week.

The latest Apple TV3 update is news that a new Apple TV set could come in three sizes, including a 32" and 55" size. The use of a new iPad3 and Siri would also improve the way channels are changed. Smarthouse is reporting that a Japanese manufacturer is already working on the Apple TV 3 device.

Last week, news of an Apple TV 3 update talked about both Bluetooth  and XBox Kinect motion controls as new Apple TV features. Sew Siri features could provide Apple TV menus controlled by voice commands. The combination of Siri and motion controls would make it similar to the movie Minority Report, only real. We know that there’s code for an Apple TV 3 update for iOS5, so the big question is how much and how big.

I wrote about the Apple TV with Siri idea last week for the also speculative Apple TV set. The Apple TV set (a.k.a. iTV) is just in the emerging ideas phase, but at this point it seems certain that a big update to Apple TV update will happen sometime next year. What seems likely is anApple TV Set in HDTV with iCloud and iTunes facroing in to provide a new set of Apple TV apps as well as iCloud features for TV shows, movies and music. So next year will be all Apple TV vs Google TV, with other major TV manufacturers trying to integrate the same kind of features.

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