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Spotify iPad App Coming, Get Your Spotify Playlists Ready

Spotify iPad App Coming, Get Your Spotify Playlists Ready

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
December 6, 2011

At this point, one has to wonder why there is no Spotify iPad app given the popularity of both? iPad is the everywhere mobile device, and Spotify is on the iPhone, but not the iPad (not as a real iPad app, anyway). Plus, Spotify has 2.5 million Spotify Premium subscribers, a nicely sized tribe. Maybe they wanted to wait until the big Spotify app / music platform launch happened ... but a Spotify iPad app is coming, says Chris Maples.

"Our goal is to have Spotify available on every device possible and we’re working on new apps all the time," said Spotify rep Chris Maples when speaking to Pocket-Lint. He also said the new Spotify apps platform was "the biggest announcement that we've ever made" and a Spotify iPad app was "a priority" and was "absolutely in the pipeline."

The Spotify app launch was hailed by some and yawned at by others. Om Malik posted an article at Giga Om saying "That's It?" I call it the iPhone effect ... the original iPhone announcement seems to have set the bar so high that if an announcement doesn't knock the world over, it's boring. Take the original iPad announcement (media yawned, but cash-toting public lined up to buy and raved) or the recent iPhone 4s announcement (media yawned, then in the after effect people realized Siri could make a big change).

A Spotify ecosystem of music apps has big chance of redefining music discovery on the granular level. If you make apps easy to create, it opens up the playing field (The World is Flat) to the average person creating one, not a team of developers with big time knowledge. Even if Spotify has to approve the app, it's in their interest to not be too choosy about Spotify app approval. Apple takes the same approach and the amount of approved apps is still pretty large.

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