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Legalize It: Canadian File Sharing Could Become Legal

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By: Corey Tate
December 10, 2011

Talk about changing the nature of copyright infringement and copyright law ... Songwriters Association of Canada vice president Jean-Robert Bisaillon spoke with TorrentFreak about BitTorrent and file sharing sites. His group is taking a progressive approach to BitTorrent downloads and file sharing web sites by accepting that they exist and trying to bring them into a system of licensing. It would take a sort of Spotify idea of licensing tracks with the copyright holders, and then getting a royalty system in place. In other words ... don't fight the system by trying to preserve old notions of copyright law -- but rather update the approach to fit with the times.

"SAC believes that consumers should have access to all the music in the world, something that only file sharing sites provide today. So instead of shutting these sites down the songwriters association wants to legalize file sharing, while compensating the artists whose works are shared," reads the article at TorrentFreak.

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