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Apple TV 3 Update: Why The Connected TV Belongs to Apple TV

Apple TV 3 Update: Why The Connected TV Belongs to Apple TV

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By: Corey Tate
December 13, 2011

The Apple TV 3 update for 2012 should see Apple dominate both the connected TV set top box and the Apple TV set (iTV) that grows more true everyday. The connected TV helped by the new iPad 3, Siri and Apple TV can continue to redefine smart TV and keep the Apple TV vs Google TV battle boiling all year long.

A new research report from Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices service called "Connected TV Players: Another Battlefield in the Smart TV War" says that "global sales of connected TV players--also known as video streaming or Internet TV set top boxes--will more than double in 2011, compared to 2010." The report said Apple TV users spend more on movies and TV shows, with 30% of Apple TV users renting movies and TV shows, compared to 20 percent of users of other devices like Google TV or Roku.

"Apple is leading this nascent market, which it still considers a 'hobby.' As Apple prepares for its expected launch of smart TVs in 2012, rival platforms must accelerate their development plans to keep Apple from running away with the connected TV business, as it has done in smart phones and digital music," said Jia Wu, Senior Analyst at the Connected Home Devices (CHD) service.

Now envision a space in which Apple introduces an Apple TV3 update alongside a new Apple TV set. Both products can tie into other Apple products and services, like using Siri to speak commands to your TV and a new IPad 3 or iPhone as a remote control. AppleInsider throws in AirPlay as well. This week’s news of an iPad 3 release date helps to to throw fuel on the rumor fire. When you ties in iCloud and iTunes for the TV shows and movies, and all of the Apple TV apps that can be created for iCloud and you’ve got a new paradigm for the Apple ecosystem.

Recent news of an Apple TV3 update was that the Apple TV set was happening in three sizes, including a 32" and 55" size, when Smarthouse reported that a Japanese manufacturer was working with the hardware. We also know that there’s Apple TV 3 code in the new iOS5 operating system, so the only question left is what the new Apple TV 3 features are going to be. I’ve even gone out on a limb to suggest that Last week, news of an Apple TV 3 could combine Bluetooth  and XBox Kinect motion controls as new Apple TV features. Wildly speculative and rumor fodder for sure, but envisioning future possibilities is great fun. What does seem likely is that Apple TV 3, the Apple TV set top box, Siri and  iCloud combined with iTunes are all likely players in a new form of Smart TV ready to happen.

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