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Pandora Radio Use: Up In Every Top 10 Market

Pandora Radio Use: Up In Every Top 10 Market

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
December 13, 2011

If you laughed at the thought of an in-car Pandora Radio, think again: Pandora Radio usage data shows that its use is up 13 to 25 percent in the top 10 markets, including New York. This probably helps with the Pandora Radio for cars effort, something that most streaming music sites are hoping will make their effort easier. Welcome to the future: the digitally connected dashboard.

Cities included in the report were New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas - Ft. Worth, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Boston and Portland. The usage data was for November, and was analyzed by Edison Research.

The Pandora usage takes into account how many listeners and how they listened for, and does not even include premium Pandora One listeners, so they hardcore Pandora people are off of this radar. That means only freemium people ... probably because Pandora is looking towards radio advertising a possible way to increase profits. They recently announced that they'll be running political ads, and this report could serve nicely as a metric to benchmark how much they'll sell for. Pandora Radio ads will probably work better in the car, as drivers are obviously less inclined to change channels while driving.

In the Pandora Radio vs Spotify match up, this well help to compete against the newwly launched Spotify Radio, which puts Spotify in head to head competition with Pandora. The new Pandora app redesign that launched this Fall helped bring the streaming music site up to date with a fresh look and an HTML 5 build.

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