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New MySpace Music Player Launches with New Search, Radio and Facebook

New MySpace Music Player Launches with New Search, Radio and Facebook

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
December 20, 2011

MySpace is back and doubling down on the MySpace Music part of the site ... Thet just launched a new MySpace music player with a tie-in to Facebook music and improved site search. The new music player is much better than the previous one, which was kind of derailed in the media response the last time a MySpace redesign was rolled out. The new MySpace music player has a clean layout, and follows the lead of most streaming music sites these days with music recommendations of similar artists to what you're listening to, charts and Editors picks. There's also a MySpace Radio that could actually compete with the other streaming music sites, because they have a huge music library of 42 million songs.

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"This is a natural partnership, because of the users they have and the integrations with Spotify, Mog and Rdio it makes sense to open up our catalog to their users," said ," MySpace COO Chris Vanderhook when speaking to Billboard. The Facebook music tie-in will let MySpace live and compete with other streaming music sites on the social network. This all part more that's coming from MySpace in the new year, which has lot of people wondering whether they can pull off successful releanch. What do you think? Take part in the poll below!

Can MySpace be relevant again, or is it over and done with?

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