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New iPad 3 Features and Release Date: Siri, Battery Life, and Face Recognition

New iPad 3 Features and Release Date: Siri, Battery Life, and Face Recognition

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
January 2, 2012

Let's look at new Apple iPad 3 features and specs that went down over the holiday break: a new iPad 3 in two sizes, extended iPad 3 battery life, face recognition to go with Siri voice recognition ... also iTunes Match & iCloud inclusion with an A5 A6 processor chip. An iPad 3 release date is possible in early 2012, but is still rumor and speculation.

iPad 3 Specs: Sizes

This idea of new iPad 3 features including two sizes emerged before the holidays, but gained traction on Dec. 29 when reputable site Digitimes reported that "Apple is set to unveil two versions of its next-generation tablet, one for the high-end segment and one for the mid-range segment."  This would allow Apple to enter into the mid-size, mid-price iPad to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire that lit up the holidays. The smaller size (lovingly/nauseatingly being called iPad Mini) has been rumored from anywhere from 7.85 inches to 9.7 inches, so sizing is still up in the air.


iPad 3 Release Date

The iPad 3 release date is thought to be in January, which has caused confusion over whether it will be at iWorld on Jan 26 or some other time. Apple as not participated in iWorld for the last two years so maybe (just a theory) Apple could announce the iPad release date the week before iWorld to create a buzz at the show, and we all know how good Apple is at creating a buzz. They did a private show for the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4s release, maybe the they could do the same for the iPad 3 release. As much as everybody gets in hysterics every time a new iPad 3 release date hits the web, it still as uncertain as ever. Maybe and iPad 3 release date in February (for Steve Jobs birthday?) as thought a short while back? Maybe in the Fall, like the iPhone 4s release date so as to warm up holiday sales? Keep guessing ...

New iPad  3 Battery Life

The new iPad battery life could be twice as long, says Digitimes, with capacity going from 14,000mAH compared to 6,500mAH. IPad battery life is crucial to a good user experience, with the media-heavy consumption that happens on an iPad. You don’t want to get off the couch and sit somewhere else to plug in in the middle of a an iTunes movie download or massive Twitter session, do you?

Face Recognition and other iPad Features

MacRumors says that a patent had been filed in 2010 that says a user "profile would be immediately accessed once the iPad recognizes a user's face." Other new iPad 3 features are likely to include Siri, as well as iCloud and the new iTunes with iTunes in the cloud / iTunes Match for  cloud-based storage of music, TV shows and movies. We can also expect iPad 3 features & specs to include an A5 A6 processor and plenty of new iPad apps like the upcoming Spotify iPad app.

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