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Bjork Biophilia Tour is Coming to New York

Bjork Biophilia Tour is Coming to New York

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
January 9, 2012

Fresh Bjork news speaks of the Biophilia tour stopping by New York, for a residency at two different places, four shows at the Roseland Ballroom and six shows at The New York Hall of Science. This will be the first New York stop for the Biophilia tour, and Bjork will also include an interactive exhibit in conjunction with The Creators Project at The New York Hall of Science using Biophilia songs and Biophilia apps as installations. The New York Biophilia shows are the first U.S. shows for the Biophilia tour.

The Bjork Biophilia New York experience will include some of the fantastic instruments we've been hearing about: "she’s bringing along some wildly unique instrumentation to pull off her multitude of sounds. I don’t recall ever seeing a 10-foot pendulum harp, twin musical tesla coils or a midi-controlled pipe organ at the local Guitar Center, so this is a do-not-miss show for lucky NYC-area residents. On top of all that, Bjork will also be bringing along an award-winning 24-piece Icelandic female choir and app developer Max Weisel to help display visuals from the official Biophilia app onstage," MTV said about the New York Biophilia shows.

There's a host of Bjork Biophilia apps out there, with the Cosmogony "mother app" and the Crystalline app being the first two to be released. It runs through a 3D environment of the cosmos, before letting you navigate through it yourself. The Bjork Crystalline app offers the ability to "travel through tunnels and collect crystals to make your own structure of the song," with 1) an animated score of the Crystalline song, 2) a sort of game where you navigate through tunnels and pick up crystals, each move effecting the way the song plays as you pick crystals along the way. Different crystals have a different effect. You can also just let the song play if you want to.

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