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Slacker Radio Launches 3 New Artists stations: RJD2, The Parlotones and Blue October

Slacker Radio Launches 3 New Artists stations: RJD2, The Parlotones and Blue October

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
January 9, 2012

Slacker Radio has just launched three new custom radio stations, something they've been championing over the past year. Slacker Radio is calling them "Artist Showcase Stations" in an attempt to make them sound sexy, and each features songs by their artist, music that they dig and "rich commentary" by the artists. I'm not sure how "rich" commentary differs from "poor" commentary or "flat" commentary, but it makes it sound so much more exciting.

The new Slacker Radio stations are from RJD2, The Parlotones and Blue October, and are fully available to anyone with the Slacker Radio app, meaning a Slacker iPad app or Andoid app, down to the basic web player at http://www.slacker.com/.

"Slacker is a great site for finding things similar to stuff you already know. The process of making my station actually helped me realize why I like some music I do," said RJD2 about creating his station. The Slacker Radio mobile app people can find the stations via their iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm webOS and BlackBerry devices. The Slacker Radio service is available in three tiers -- Slacker Basic Radio service, ad-free Slacker Radio Plus, and Slacker Premium Radio.

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