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Rhapsody VS Spotify: Rhapsody, The Streaming Music Site With Over 1 Million Users In the U.S.

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By: Spacelab Research Staff
January 12, 2012

Although the first streaming music site mentioned by people these days might be Spotify, Rhapsody actually has the most users in the U.S. out of the big four streaming music sites of Spotify, MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody. "We just went through a million subscribers, which is why I'm sportin' the brand new haircut, currently in the chia pet stage," he told Peter Kafka from AllThingsD in an interview at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas this week. "I made a statement a year ago that said we're gonna finish 2011 with more than a million subscribers, and I said I'd shave my head if we reached it. So they took the shears to me." Check out the full interview above.

Rhapsody has about 2.5 million subscribers worldwide, compared to an undetermined number of U.S. subscribers for Spotify in the U.S., although most believe that Spotify is coming close to the million subscriber mark. As far as streaming music sites go, the Rhapsody vs Spotify fight is a close one.

Check out more about Rhapsody and steaming music sites in the Spacelab Streaming Music Guide.

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