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iPad Release Date and Features: Specs With A6, Siri, 4G and HD

iPad Release Date and Features: Specs With A6, Siri, 4G and HD

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By: Corey Tate
January 14, 2012

The latest Apple iPad 3 release features & specs, as regarded by rumor and speculation: the iPad will include a fast quad-core A6 proccessor, the iPad 3 release date is in March, has 4G LTE wireless capabilites, iPad Siri voice recognition, longer battery life and iTunes Match & iCloud. There's talk of an iPad 2s vs an iPad 3 release.

New Apple iPad 3 release features & specs include an HD screen with retina display, a faster processor that works with next-generation 4G LTE (long- term evolution) wireless networks; and the iPad 3 release date is in March according to a new report by Bloomberg.

"The company’s manufacturing partners in Asia started ramping up production of the iPad 3 this month," reads the report in Bloomberg. "The tablet will use a quad-core chip, an enhancement that lets users jump more quickly between applications."

The iPad 3 with HD & retina display has been talked about a lot recently. The notion of a quad-core chip could be the new A6 processor that was previously mentioned by 9to5Mac. everyone's been talking about. There were iPad 3 rumors this week about the new iPad 3 model showing up at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, which said the specs of the body design hadn't really changed, but that all of the new iPad features would be on the inside, with one person saying "you could walk past this new iPad..and have no idea that anything had changed."

Other speculation figured that this could be an iPad 2s release,not the the iPad 3 release that we've all been fanatically talking about. Remember last year when we all thought that the iPhone 5 release date was happening, then Apple released the iPhone 4s. Based on recent reports of an iPad release followed by an iPad 4 release in the Fall, this could be what we're seeing play out ... an iPad 2s release in March and and iPad 3 release date in the Fall, not an Ipad 4. It's all iPad vs iPad 2 rumor and speculation games until then, right?

iPad Release Date

The iPad 3 release date seems to be honing in on on the first quarter of the year, and although the talk of being released in February on Steve Jobs' birthday made the rounds for a while, there isn't a lot to bank on with that, at least not yet. The Bloomberg report is only the latest in a long line of guesses, so this Ipad 3 release date will probably keep evolving.

iPad 3 Specs

iPad 3 specs keep winnowing in on an A6 proccessor (quad-core), one that will improve the already fast iPad capabilities, but user expectations grow with each new release. It better be lightning fast. I love the name quad-core ... it sounds like some small, purist indie music genre ... "deep in the basements of house parties in Portland -- quad-core lives!" We had visited the notion of two iPad sizes before ... this is hard to judge. Maybe the new iPad will come in two sizes with two prices? Our beloved iPad Mini to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire? There's also been talk of extended iPad battery life but each new iPad release seems to extend battery life, so the question will be how much and how far. An A6 quad-core processor and HD display will demand an awful lot out of a battery, so this one will be fun to watch.

iPad Features

The leading iPad features right now are what Siri will bring, as the iPad 3 Siri combination is the first Apple tablet to include the Siri capability. The new iPad 3 could also have new iTunes and iCloud features,as the iCloud thing has been looming on the horizon for a while now. How this ties in to music, movies and TV shows could be open to possibilities, but we can be assured that the iPad 3 will be in on the new iTunes Match that's part of iOS5, so the new model should sync with iTunes Match.

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