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New Grooveshark Mobile App: Secret Beta for iPhone, Android

New Grooveshark Mobile App: Secret Beta for iPhone, Android

By: Corey Tate
January 16, 2012

Grooveshark joins the list of HTML5 apps for streaming music sites, skipping the Apple App store and Android Market to launch a Grooveshark mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. They’re calling it the Grooveshark Sooper Secret Beta.

We can add Grooveshark to the list of HTML5 apps that are setting a new stage for streaming music sites. The new Grooveshark app was kept out of both the Apple App Store and the Android Market, but Grooveshark chose to make an end run around the approval process for both by creating an HTML5 Grooveshark mobile app, that doesn't need to be downloaded. It's just part of their web site.

Their calling it the Grooveshark Sooper Secret Beta, and it can be found at http://html5.grooveshark.com/#soopersecretbeta. They announced it at the Grooveshark blog by saying "We’re Breaking Teh Internets!" This is amusing, because although it wasn't approved for the Android Market, it's exactly the same strategy Google Music did to make an end run around Apple's App Store approval process. Google made a browser-based, HTML app that lets you use Google Music on the iPhone and iPad by going to http://music.google.com/ in your Apple mobile device, and Google Music users can have a Google Music app that works on iOS. Google did this to avoid paying Apple its hefty take on Google Music sales through its MP3 Store. I predicted in August of last year that the same thing would happen, as it seemed like an obvious result of Apple's policy of taking a big cut of in app sales.

So now you can get your groove on with an Grooveshark Android app or a Grooveshark iPhone app, by just going to the Sooper Secret Beta. Digital Music News points out that this is still a bare-bones experience, a trade off that comes with being browser-based app. It's exciting at the same time and feels like we're in the wild wild west of a new Internet frontier: the redefinition of the mobile app. So Grooveshark mobile remains independent and plays by its own rules ... Now if they could just work around the Grooveshark UMG lawsuit ... Because Grooveshark vs UMG ain't gonna be so easy.

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