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Google Magnified Artists for Indie Music on Android Market and Artists Hub

Google Magnified Artists for Indie Music on Android Market and Artists Hub

By: Corey Tate
January 23, 2012

Google Music has launched a new music feature called Google Magnified Artists for independent artists in the Android Music Store and Artist Hub. It gives them an opportunity to gain visibility on Youtube Music and  Google+, with the intent of raising them out of the clutter of online noise of the Internet. Since it's hard to get noticed for indie bands, Google Magnified hopes to change that.

"We want to shine a light on these promising indie bands and help fans connect with them. Starting today, the best new independent talent selling music through the Google Music artist hub will be "Magnified" alongside megastars," reads the announcement from Google Music.

Music is pulled from the Google Music Artist Hub and gets a "Magnified Artist" badge on their artist pages in Android Market to show them as a pick, then some of the Magnified Artists also get the opportunity to "perform on some of music's biggest stages in the coming months," according to Google.

So far, Google Magnified events are scheduled for the Sundance Film Festival, the Grammy's, Coachella, the SXSW Music Festival and more; so bands will be definitely be in hotspots.

"We will use our an algorithm to find bands that are bubbling up in terms of fan engagement on the Android Market as well as take suggestions from our editorial team," said a Google spokesperson when speaking to Rolling Stone. Algorithm means Google+ and YouTube music videos, so this is of course self-serving for Google as well as a way to drive people to join the Google+ social network, but it stands to reason that there's a payoff for independent artists as well ... better visibility and better placement in a Google search can come from being a part of Google Magnified.

Google Music lets unsigned artists get their groove on with the Google Music Artists Hub, as independent artists can sell their music song by song or as albums, letting bands set their own price for music and setting the length of song previews including full album previews. It also ties in well with the Google+ social network to work as a cohesive Google ecosystem. Google Music primed for the Android platform but is also available on the iPhone and iPad as a browser-based Google Music app.

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