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THE SUPER SAMPLER: Beastie Boys - “Paul’s Boutique”

THE SUPER SAMPLER: Beastie Boys - “Paul’s Boutique”

By: Christopher Levine, author of "Eclectiblogs-Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption" available on paperback at Lulu.com
January 24, 2012

Is the practice of sampling artists always a bad thing? I don’t think so personally. Sampling can either be high art like an aural collage (think Bomb Squad or Prince Paul or Beck) or a badly sung karaoke new version of an old song (think Puff Daddy, Diddy, Puffy or Sean Combs). To illustrate how intense truly artistic sampling can be, the list below is of every sample used on just one single album … possibly the quintessential sampling album, before lawsuits -- Paul’s Boutique by the Beastie Boys. This is mind boggling … Ready? here goes …

“To All the Girls”

Idris Muhammed's "Loran Dance", keyboards by Bob James

“Shake Your Rump”

"8th Wonder" by The Sugarhill Gang

"It's the Joint" - Funky 4+1

"Shake Your Rump-ah" - James Brown and Afrika Bambaataa

"Could you be Loved" by Bob Marley and the Wailers

"Super Mellow" by Paul Humphrey

Afrika Bambaataa, "Jazzy Sensation"

"Good Times Bad Times" Led Zeppelin

Harvey Scales "Dancing Room Only"

"Car Wash" Rose Royce

Ronnie Laws, "Tell Me Something Good"

Foxy- "Get Off"

"Funky Snakefoot" Alphonze Mouzon

“Johnny Ryall”

"Fight for your Right (to Party)" Beastie Boys

"Magnificent Sanctuary Band" Donny Hathaway

"A.J. Scratch" Kurtis Blow

"Mr. Big Stuff" Jean Knight

David Bromberg "Sharon" .

"Military Cut-Scratch Mix" by Grandwizard Theodore Kevie Kev Rockwell

Paul McCartney "Momma Miss America"

Ofra Haza- "Galbi".

Pink Floyd- "One of these Days"


“Dance to the Music" Sly and the Family Stone

"Bring the Noise" Public Enemy

"Get Off and Jam" Funkadelic

"You're Gonna Get Yours" Public Enemy

"Superfly" - Curtis Mayfield

Bernard Herrmann's score from the movie Cape Fear.

Scream after "Come Halloween" is Drew Barrymore from E.T.

"Sport" by Lightning Rod from the album "Hustlers Convention". Back up provided by Kool & The Gang.

The movies "Jaws" and "Psycho", themes

Tower of Power's "Drop It In The Slot"

“High Plains Drifter”

"Your Momma Don't Dance" by Loggins & Messina

"Suzie is a Headbanger" - Ramones

ZZ Top- “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide”

"Those Shoes" by The Eagles

"Put Your Love in My Tender Care" by the Fatback Band

“Sounds of Science”

Pato Banton- "Don't Sniff Coke"

"My Philosophy" by Boogie Down Productions

James Brown's, "Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved"

The Beatles "Back in the U.S.S.R."

The Beatles, "The End"

The Beatles "When I'm 64"

Issac Hayes' "Walk from Regio's"

The Beatles "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

“3 Minute Rule”

Fancy: "Feel Good"

Sly and the Family Stone, "The Brave and the Strong"

“Hey Ladies”

"Jazzy Sensation" by Afrika Bambataa

Zapp: "Heartbreaker"

"Fresh," by Fab-5 Freddy

"Funky President" by James Brown

"War" by Edwin Starr

Kurtis Blow: "Party Time"

"One for the Treble (Fresh)" by Davy DMX

"Pumpin' It Up" by the P-Funk All Stars

"Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet

Cameo's, "Shake Your Pants"

Deep Purple: "Hush"

Kool and the Gang's, "Jungle Boogie"

"Machine Gun" by The Commodores

Roger's, "So Rough, So Tuff"

World Famous Supreme Team, "Hey DJ"

“5 Piece Chicken Dinner”

"Shuckin' The Corn" by Eric Weissberg

“Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun”

"Mississippi Queen" by Mountain

"Put Your Hand in the Hand" by Ocean

"Last Bongo In Belgium" by Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band

Pink Floyd: "Time"

“Car Thief”

"I'm a farmer" is from the "Woodstock" soundtrack, the voice is of Max Yasgur

Funkadelic - "I Bet You"

"Hurdy Gurdy Man" Dononvan

"Rien Ne Va Plus" by Funk Factory

“What Comes Around”

Gene Harris and The Three Sounds, "Put On Train"

Alice Cooper- "It's Hot Tonight"

Led Zeppelin- "Moby Dick"


"It's the Joint" by Funky 4+1

Ballin' Jack "Never Let 'Em Say"

Trouble Funk's "Good To Go"

Bar-Kays song, "King Tim III"

"Hot and Nasty" by Black Oak Arkansas

James Brown "The Funky Drummer"

Rose Royce "Do Your Dance"

Sugar Hill Gang "Sugarhill Groove"

“B-Boy Bouillabaisse ”

"Here We Go" Run DMC

"Are You Experienced?" The Jimi Hendrix Experience

"Fresh!" - "Change le Beat/B-side" by Fab 5 Freddy

"Rocket in the Pocket" Cerrone

"Wick-Wick-Wack" Boogie Down Productions

"Buffalo Gals" Malcom McLaren

The World Famous Supreme Team "Duck Rock"

"The Jungle Line" by Joni Mitchell

"At the Fever", by Lovebug Starski.

"Draw Your Brakes" by Scotty

"Save the World" by All The People

Tower of Power-, "Ebony Jam"

Isley Brothers - "Who's That Lady"

Led Zeppelin- "When The Levee Breaks"

Johnny Cash: “ Folsom Prison Blues”

Sweet - "Into the Night"

The Crusader's "The Well's Gone Dry"

The Meters' "Hey A-Pocky Way"

Kool and the Gang's - "Let the Music Take Your Mind"

“Good Times" by Chic

Trouble Funky "Good To Go"

Rock Master Scott and Dynamic 3's "Request Line"

"Holy Ghost" the Bar Kays

"He Cuts So Fresh" by Marley Marl

"Rock The House" by the B-Boys (Donald D And DJ Chuck Chill Out)

Rose Royce's "Daddy Rich"

West Street Mob, "Breakdance - Electric Boogie"

Gregory Abbott "Shake You Down"

Average White Band, "Cut the Cake"

Incredible Bongo's Band, "Apache"

The Jimi Hendrix Experience, "Foxy Lady"

Rhythm Heritage, "Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow"

Wilson Pickett, "Mustang Sally"

Stevie Wonder, "Boogie on Reggae Woman"

The Jam, "Start"

"The New Rap Language" by the Treacherous Three

Black Flag "Rise Above"

Prince "Kiss"

Young-Holt Unlimited, "Soulful Strut"

Like it or not …finding, effectively placing, and musically using these was really, really good artistic expression. This is a total example of what can be done with a sampler that is worthy of being considered art in its own right on its own merits.

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