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New Spiritualized Album Sweet Heart Sweet Light Release Date Gets Pushed Out

By: Spacelab Research Staff
January 28, 2012

The new Spiritualized album Sweet Heart Sweet Light is being pushed out a little bit, so that Jason Pierce can put the final mixing moves on the album? Finesse or fooling around? Pierce seems to stand firmly on one side of that take:

"I had the rather foolish idea last November that I could deliver the record that's been sent out and keep working on the real version," said Jason Pierce when speaking to SPIN. "People say that all the little mixing moves I'm doing now are just for myself, but to me they're no different than the mixing moves I did at the start of the process. Balancing things is what mixing is."

Let's not forget that the reason we're even talking about a Spiritualized release at all is because of the classic Jason Pierce attention to detail that happens with every Spiritualized album. They're deep because he makes them deep. As for all of the review copies sent out to people an advance? A collectors item, maybe ... but probably not as good as the one that will be released in March or April.

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