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Chemical Brothers "Don't Think" Movie Rolls Out In Theatres This Week

By: Spacelab Research Staff
January 30, 2012

The new Chemical Brothers movie Don't Think builds on the Chemical Brothers Further tour from last year, laying out the live Chemical Brothers spectacle in what looks like a colorful explosion of sound. “This film is the closest I will ever get to being at a Chemical Brothers show…  and yeah, it's a beautiful experience,” said Ed Simons.

Don’t Think comes from the Chemical Brothers appearance at the Fujirock Festival in Japan and was filmed by a camera crew of 20 people and captured in Dolby 7:1, surround sound. On Jan. 26, the movie debuted in theaters in 20 cities across the globe, including Chicago, New York, Los Angeles in the U.S.; Europe gets London, Milan, Berlin Amsterdam and more. Starting this week on Wednesday, Feb. 1, Don’t Think rolls out in over 500 theatres around the world, check out a full list of Don't Think screenings. Tickets will be limited, so anyone who wants better move fast.

“In the recording of a single show - a single night on a Japanese mountainside - Adam Smith, our long time collaborator, has managed to capture the atmosphere of a very special festival appearance.  Come see how it feels to feel, be overwhelmed, intoxicated, swoonerated…  Surrender to the void,” said Tom Rowlands.

There's no mention yet of a Chemical Brothers Don't Think DVD, but it's hard to imagine this only happening in movie theatres. It's also easy to imagine Don't Think as a major film festival attraction for 2012, or playing at music festivals that also have film festivals, like the SXSW Music Festival.

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