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Bjork on Colbert Report For Biophilia, Cosmogony, iPad App and ... Yes ... ICELANDIC ELVES (video)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 1, 2012

As we reported yesterday, Bjork made her appearance on The Colbert Report, singing her song Cosmogony from the album Biophilia and doing an interview with Stephen Colbert. There are two videos here, one of the interview and one for Cosmogony.

The interview was great, with all topics allowed on Biophilia. Stephen asks about the Biophilia apps for iPad, iPhone and Android; how she went about writing the Biophilia album in part using an iPad; and that classic question about Iceland -- why do they still believe in elves? Bjork is in the middle of her Biophilia tour right now, with residencies being done in cities around the world in which she'll do science and art / music workshops as well as playing live shows in support of the Biophilia album.

Spacelab Collective: video courtesy of the Audio Perv.

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