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iPad 3 Release Date Might’ve Been Leaked by Amazon, Features and Specs

iPad 3 Release Date Might’ve Been Leaked by Amazon, Features and Specs

By: Corey Tate
February 1, 2012

The release date if the new iPad 3 from Apple might have been accidentally leaked by Amazon. The bravely titled AppleBitch reports that an iPad 3 For Dummies book (among other iPad 3 books) appeared on the French web site with with a publication date of March 29, 2012, which hints at a late March iPad release date. Then again, the book titles might be people trying to game the system by floating a book with absolutely no preview of an iPad 3.

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The craziness of rumors surrounding the Apple iPad 3 release date go at a dizzying pace, the release date alone has gone through at least three different phases of rumors, while iPad 3 features and iPad 3 specs have ranged from heavy Siri integration, 4G wireless capabilities, the possibility of it being an iPad2s instead of an iPad3 (a la the old iPhone switcheroo from last fall where the iPhone 5 release date became and iPhone 4s release) and heavy iCloud and iTunes uses for music and videos via TV shows and movies. No matter what happens, an iPad 3 should have many features that allow for music consumption, whether it's MP3 and audio streams, live concert video like the Coachella web cast / live stream or just a daily watching of music videos.

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