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MySpace Adds A Million Due to MySpace Music Player and Panasonic TV (Justin Timberlake Helps, Too)

MySpace Adds A Million Due to MySpace Music Player and Panasonic TV (Justin Timberlake Helps, Too)

By: Corey Tate
February 14, 2012

MySpace announced news that it added over a million new MySpace users in January, which they're saying comes from a fresh new Myspace Music Player. Add recent news of a MySpace Panasonic TV, which is coming under the name of MySpace TV, as well as Justin Timberlake being in on the deal and you've got the story of the comeback kid.

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“We went from zero signups per day to 40,000,” Chris Vanderhook, MySpace COO told the NY Times. They're crediting better Facebook and Twitter integration along with the MySpace music library, which is at roughly 42 million songs, and includes indie bands from all over the planet. Time to revisit your MySpace profile that you haven't updated in over a year and upload new music!

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The new MySpace users are happening at clip of about 40,000 a day, and marks the end of a long and slow and painful decline in users that made them the target of a lot of news reports with that pitched the story of decline. Search Google for "decline of MySpace" and you'll get 2,500,000 results.

The MySpace Music Player and MySpace TV, along with support from Justin Timberlake, are all parts of an attempt to get back into people's mindshare as an entertainment destination for mobile, desktop and living room experiences. They stopped trying to out-Facebook Facebook and are focusing instead on something we all knew them for ... music and videos. MySpace band pages still come up near the top of most band name searches, and they've got a cool 25 million users right now. That's more than most of the sites on the web. Look for them to try to get in on the Google TV vs. Apple TV action

"The intuitive new music player features the largest online catalogue of free music in the world with 42 million songs, eclipsing all other competitors.  The new Myspace player has unlimited, on-demand listening, lean-back personalized radio modes, a highly sophisticated recommendation engine and easy integration with Facebook," reads the announcement.

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