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Apple TV Update on iCloud and Siri Features from CEO Tim Cook

Apple TV Update on iCloud and Siri Features from CEO Tim Cook

By: Corey Tate
February 15, 2012

Apple CEO Tim Cook offered an Apple TV update yesterday at the the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, saying that the Apple TV hobby is one that's always under review, with iCloud and Siri a major part of the Apple's media future. These are likely to be major Apple TV features in the future.

“Apple doesn’t do hobbies, as a general rule. We believe in focus and only working on a few things. With Apple TV, however, despite the barriers in that market, for those of us who use it, we’ve always thought there was something there.”

He also said that iCloud is a major component of Apple's future, so the tie-in of Apple TV, Siri and iTunes will be big: "I think Siri and iCloud are profound. If you dial back ten years, Steve announced a strategy for Apple that positioned the Mac as the hub of someone's digital life," saying that iCloud will be a hub of that for Apple over the next decade. An Apple TV Siri combination for iCloud can make watching video wholly different than the standard TV set most of us knew growing up.

Any Apple TV update is sure to be heavy with iCloud, co-joining the two into a streaming media platform that could combine iTunes and Siri features in an optimized way for streaming music, TV shows and movies. iCloud as an open platform also brings about a chance for a host of new Apple TV apps. The Apple TV iCloud combination could be powerful ... and a new iPad 3 release and iPhone 5 release could offer a combined package to stream media to wireless / mobile devices in innovative new ways. It's no wonder that Tim Cook and Steve Jobs want to get it right before anything new launches (whether it's an Apple TV box of Apple TV set, or both) ... it's going to be hard to pull of in a way worthy of Apple's reputation. Stay tuned on this one ... the Apple TV rumors have only begun.

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