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iPad 3 Release Date Features Confirm Retina Display; 4G LTE News and Mar. 7 2012 Announcement

iPad 3 Release Date Features Confirm Retina Display; 4G LTE News and Mar. 7 2012 Announcement

By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 18, 2012

With the excitement of the iPad 3 release date buzzing comes the news of a confirmation of a new iPad 3 feature: the Retina Display. Also included for the iPad 3 release date are a Mar. 7, 2012 announcement in San Francisco and the debate around rumors of 4G LTE wireless capabilities with Verizon and AT&T, along with the usual questions around how Siri, iTunes, the vaunted new A6 processor and iCloud will play in.

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It can now be confirmed that iPad 3 features include the high-resolution Retina Display, at 2048x1536, according to the ironically named MacRumors: “MacRumors has now been able to obtain one of these iPad 3 displays and examine it under a microscope in an effort to determine whether it is indeed an ultra-high resolution Retina display. Physically, the purported iPad 3 display is the same size as the current iPad 1 and iPad 2 display at 9.7" in diagonal, and looks quite similar to the naked eye” reads the news.

iPad 3 Features

So iPad 3 features can now be confirmed to include the Retina Display. The iPad 3 Retina Display news seems to have a grip on the Apple community right now, and is certainly exciting if it proves to be true. An improved use of  Siri is likely and should play a large role in the future of the iPad 3 and iPhone 5. iCloud has barely started, so things like iTunes and  iTunes Match and iCloud should play a prominent role on an iPad3 release, as the increased need to to store music, movies and TV shows alongside documents in a cloud-based setting becomes more of a basic necessity, rather than ummm.... pie in the sky. The use of a quad-core A6 processor is still in the iPad rumor phase but could allow for enhanced capabilities around HD video and allow for quick switching from iPad app to iPad app. The idea of an A6 processor seems likely, whether it’s quad-core or not seems to be a parallel issue. It’ll also be interesting to see how Apple upgrades iOS for the iPad 3, and what new features will be offered. AllThingsD casts doubt on the use of Microsoft Office on the iPad 3. This week’s news of OSX Mountain Lion portends an across the board upgrade for Apple operating systems and could forecast an iOS upgrade with the iPad 3 release. There has also been talk of the iPad 3 replacing the MacBook Air, but that’s still in the rumor phase and is difficult to see.

iPad 3 Specs

The use of 4G LTE wireless on the iPad 3 is possible and might be served through Verizon wireless and AT&T.Recent  iPad 3 rumors have included an HD camera in front, an 8 megapixel camera on back; other iPad 3 specs include the iPad Mini or iPad 4, it's believed to be have a Fall release date. The new iPad Mini screen is reportedly 8 inches as opposed to the 9.7 inch screen on the current iPad. Technology Business Research analyst Ezra Gottheil told Computerworld that the iPad Mini has been in the pipeline for a while and will happen, but it’s still hazy at this time. We’ll chalk this up as iPad 3 rumors for now. The iPad 3 price is tough to gauge right now, it’s anybody’s guess.

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