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Google Drive Could be for Music Entertainment System, Google TV

Google Drive Could be for Music Entertainment System, Google TV (updated)

By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 18, 2012

A recently surfaced screenshot of the so-called “Google Drive," has been spotted in the wild. The new Google Drive could be a cloud storage drive for Google Music or Google TV, as well as the interesting Google entertainment device that’s been talked about. It appears to be a Google cloud drive, or file storage for music, media files and other documents similar to the Amazon Cloud Drive. GeekWire ran the screenshot, and it looks like Google Docs, but with documents that you upload, including PDF icons. Plus, Google could make this an Android friendly thing with ties to the Android Market and make it easy to use with Android apps for phones and tablets.

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It makes sense that Google would want in on this action, with Google Music and other service, and could be part of the Google Entertainment system we heard about last week. Others, like VentureBeat, are thinking that this more of a Dropbox-like cloud storage service. Strangely, not a lot of people seem to be drawing a comparison between the two ... it's totally possible that they could be separate items, but more possible that they might be two visions of the same thing. Apple, Amazon Cloud Drive and others all seem to be working towards a central, in-the-cloud storage as a hub for your "digital life" -- a place to store you music, video, documents and everything to access from multiple devices. Look for Google TV to compete with Apple TV in the Google TV vs. Apple TV game that will play out this Summer. This could play into Android phones and tablets, as well as ChromeBooks. It'll be interesting to see if this will be available to all users (in par with Google's previous forays) or just used to drive people towards items like Google Search, the Google+ social network, YouTube and the Android Market.

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