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Wilco and Billy Bragg Announce Epic Mermaid Avenue Release

By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 20, 2012
Wilco and Billy Bragg are working together an a Woody Guthrie tribute called Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions, in which a four album set will mark the 100th anniversary of Woody Guthrie’s birthday. Wilco and Billy Bragg are in on the dealio. The whole collaboration started when Nora Guthrie and Billy Bragg met at a show in Central Park in New York, and as far back 1997 Wilco and Billy Bragg started recording old Woody Guthrie songs from archived recordings. This lead to the release of Mermaid Avenue ... cut to today, and there are four volumes, which will be released by Nonesuch Recordings.

"To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Woody’s birth, Nonesuch Records will be releasing ‘Mermaid Avenue: The Complete Sessions’, a four disc set, comprising of remastered versions of Mermaid Avenue Volumes I and II as well as a new collection of 17 songs from the original sessions, ‘Mermaid Avenue Volume III’. The fourth disc will contain ‘Man in the Sand’, Kim Hopkins’ 1999 film, which documents the collaboration between Woody, Wilco and me," said Billy Bragg about the release.

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