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The May Day Killer: Ramona Falls Will Release Edgy New Album Prophet on May 1

By: Corey Tate
February 20, 2012
Edgy ... the *edgy* word used to describe everything in the creative industry that can't be described with words, so we go ahead and try anyway by using words like edgy to describe the on-the-cusp and daring-but-relevant while being visceral-and-, well ... edgy type of project. Ramona Falls, a project from Brent Knopf from Menomena, will release the edgy next phase of Ramona Falls on May 1 via Barsuk Records with Prophet. It's a happy May Day album! Actually, maybe that's not the right vibe ... Here's how Brent describes the song “Spore” from the album: "I like the idea of someone refusing to feel lonely, despite how utterly alone they might actually be. It's a form of rebellion."

The press release from Barsuk reads: "Prophet, the sophomore release from Ramona Falls, is an album that recalls the experimental beauty of Laughing Stock by Talk Talk, and the unabashed earnestness of Death Cab For Cutie. Frontman Brent Knopf appreciates those highly regarded comparisons but when pressed for the true inspirations that fed into his overall vision, he cites Martin Gore of Depeche Mode’s dark chordal elements, a production style halfway between Tears for Fears and the Homosexuals, and lyrical themes that channel a dyslexic Jorge Luis Borges if he starred in Flowers for Algernon." Sounds edgy.

Ramona Falls - Prophet Track List
1. bodies of water
2. the space between lightning and thunder
3. spore
4. divide by zero
5. archimedes plutonium
6. sqworm
7. fingerhold
8. if i equals u
9. brevony
10. proof
11. helium

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