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iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Release Date for 2012 With A5X and Siri Features

iPhone 5 and iPad 3 Release Date for 2012 With A5X and Siri Features

By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 20, 2012
The iPhone 5 release date and iPad 3 release date is shaping up for 2012, with a Mar. 7 announcement likely for the iPad 3 and September or October for an iPhone 5 release date, according to news / rumors posted today. Both should include features like Siri and iCloud enhancements, plus there's reports today of an A5X processor.

"According to Asian reliable source, next iPhone will be released in September or October , and this cycle seems to be kept for years," and this was posted by both Japanese blog Macotakara and MacRumors. The A5X processor is interesting, because up until now, it was thought that it was a new A6 processor. But we've become hung up on terminology again, just like when we thought there was going to be an iPhone 5 release last year, and it became an iPhone 4s. New phone, different versioning.

So an iPhone 5 release date is in the Fall, likely to be in October if it follows last year's cycle. iPhone 5 features will be hard to fathom this far out, but an updated approach to Siri alongside iTunes and iCloud enhancements are likely. iPhone 5 specs could include the A5x processor, 4G LTE wireless capabilities, an updated camera (8 megapixels is the rumor du jour for the iPad3, but he iPhone 4s already has that). It's not clear version of iOS would be available that far out. Will you buy the iPhone5? Tell us!

The iPad 3 release date seems locked to follow shortly after what is believed to be a Mar 7 iPad 3 announcement in San Francisco. There's been talk over the past week about the iPad 3 replacing the MacBook Air after comments surfaced of Citi analysts who met with Apple CEO Tim Cook. iPad 3 features are likely to include Retina Display and enhancements for iTunes Match, iCloud and Siri. iPad 3 specs look towards 4G LTE wireless capabilities with Verizon and AT&T, either an A6 processor (that may be quad-core) or the newer idea of an A5x processor. Flip a coin. The iPad 3 price is not known at this time. Will you buy the iPad 3? Tell us! Android user who hates Apple? Let us know!

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