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Google TV Update: News of a Siri App

Google TV Update: News of a Siri App

By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 22, 2012

There's news of a Google TV patent that happened late last year that shows that a new Google TV Siri app (or Siri-like) is in the works, and could allow you to use an Android Phone or Android tablet to remotely set up your Google TV to turn on automatically as you arrive home to a specific channel. This builds on recent rumors of the Google Entertainment Device that surfaced last week and also the Google Drive for cloud storage, all which have tie-ins to Google Music, the Android Market and YouTube. Coolness.

With a heading that says "Google's Invention is About Bringing a Siri-Like UI to Google TV," Patently Apple states: "Just six days prior to Apple officially launching iCloud and Siri, Google was rushing their patent application to the US Patent and Trademark Office covering a new Google TV remote and/or application. The new remote will use voice controls associated with Google's own cloud services. The user will be able to use their Android Phone as the remote to make inquiries about TV shows and the TV will list what's available as illustrated in our cover graphic. Apple has had a similar feature under Remote for several years now, but it doesn't relate to live TV as Google's will. Google's real competitor on this particular front will come from Samsung who just announced their latest TV remote with voice controls and a touch pad. The race to bring the best next generation TV Remote to market is officially on."

I've mentioned this before for the next phase of Apple TV, with an Apple TV Siri capability as being part of the mix, alongside iPhone and iPad customizable remote controls as possibilities that have legs. The new Google TV Siri app falls along with Google Voice and general trends in what's happening right now. It's certainly no surprise, but it's exciting. It could be possible that Android Smartphones or Android tablets could also be be part of the interface for a Siri-like voice recognition, with users speaking to their phone to navigate options on their Google TV. As always, the Apple TV vs. Google TV remains alive an well.  

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