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Sneak Preview the New MOG Music Player App

Sneak Preview the New MOG Music Player App

By: Corey Tate
February 28, 2012

Streaming music service MOG has taken its new MOG music player out of (semi) hidden beta and will make it available to everyone next month, which is an improvement on the old MOG music player. The interface has grown larger & faster, with more usable features like MOG Facebook integration, better MOG playlists, and an app that works across all mobile devices, including iPad / iPhone and Android.

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They've integrated artist pages and more information about each artist into the player itself, something that existed outside of the old MOG player (you used to have to juggle two separate windows, now it’s nicely integrated into one. The new MOG app is much faster and more responsive now, has a cleaner interface, works in popular features like the week’s new releases, a recommendation engine called “Just For You” (which actually works well based on my listening history and what songs/albums I “favorite”) and features a darkened screen color to be less of a battery drain that a white screen -- making it good as a mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android.

All-in-all, it looks like MOG crowd-sourced ideas for this based on what the users wanted: “The new beta player was mostly based on feedback from subscribers. Our focus is to deliver the best listening and user experience, so we’re giving them what they ask for,” said MOG CEO and founder David Hyman.

On the tech side, the new MOG player is HTML5-based, opposed the old Flash-based player. This is probably a move to incorporate more iPad and iPhone users, since Apple remains stubbornly opposed to using Flash on Apple mobile devices. Now iPad users will be able to access the new MOG player in the Safari browser, without having to go outside the loop with a mobile app. The MOG mobile app will offer all of the same features and interface, so if you’re a MOG app person you’ll get the same player. Take it for a drive and do a MOG vs Spotify test ... if you do, post your reactions below! Love it or hate it?

Overall, this should provide a smoother flow for MOG users, regardless of the platform they're on. Facebook freaks can rely on their friends for recommendations and the fact MOG has finally resolved the issue of splitting users between two separate windows -- one for the player and one for the rest of the site -- will make it a better user experience.

Full disclosure: MOG provides some of the ads on this web site but has no editorial oversight.

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