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New MV & EE Album Space Homestead in May, Preview a Track

By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 28, 2012

MV & EE have a new album called Space Homestead, with a release date of May 15 via Woodsist. It's a nine-track affair and you can listen to the song "Workingman's Smile" via Pitchfork. It has all the makings of a back porch on a lazy Summer day jam, harmonica and jangly acoustic guitar and all.

The press release describes it as: "Apart from the fact that "MV & EE" is slang for zero gravity and that they've been doing it consistently "better" with good vibes/jams they still WANT to give you more of the best of them. This is their "space homestead" and for good reason this wall of sound applied thru DIY sensibilities was recorded over the course of a year in 9 different studios, presenting as clearly as circumstances can permit, a living idea right here in the now of what it is all about. These are sonics in motion, the satiate plural perfect supply of the hunger unusual, the picturesque in sound. Grab a shuttle for your spectrasound furniture any time in any aeon and dig the volume of their trip."

MV 7 EE - Space Homestead Track List
01 heart like barbara steele
02 workingman's smile
03 sweet sure gone
04 shit's creek
05 common ground
06 moment
07 too far to see
08 wasteland
09 porchlight > leaves

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