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Apple Buys Chomp, Here's How to Use It to Find iPad, iPhone and Android Apps for New Music

Apple Buys Chomp, Here's How to Use It to Find iPad, iPhone and Android Apps for New Music

By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 27, 2012

Apple just bought the app finder Chomp to help app discovery in the iTunes Music store. Chomp has an app discovery engine that sorts through all of the iPod and iPhone apps as well as Android apps. Searching with Chomp finds apps as well as information from social networking sites, blogs, and app stores. You don't even have to know an app by name, you can find one by searching ... here's how to use Chomp to find apps that can help you find new music and even make music of your own.

Chomp has a search feature that lets you search apps and even auto suggests categories as you type them in ... then in each category you can filter music players like Pandora Radio and Rhapsody alongside music synthesizers and tuning fork apps.

The auto suggest categories include free music, free music for iPod, music download and music player. From there you can dig into song lyrics, music recognition and discovery (Shazam, SounHound and more). "Music punk" brings up a variety of punk radio station apps, trivia and even "Punk Drum Loops." No joke. Dubstep finds mixers, radio and studio apps. "Music Indie Rock" finds apps for indie rock radio, playlists and charts, and music news. The number of music apps is obviously endless, Chomp can help you sort throught clutter and search for what you're interested in.

The "Filter" lets you take your search and dig down even further by separating free and paid apps, paid apps by prices hi to lo or lo to hi, release date and more. You can sort by newness, trendiness or functionality. The best part is that obscure apps are placed side by side with the big names, so you won't just get recommendations for the apps you already know about or already have installed.

Have you used Chomp before? How has it worked for you?

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