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Desmond The Songwriter to Release Debut Album Soon

By: Christopher Levine, author of "Eclectiblogs-Weekly Meanderings for Music Head Consumption" available on paperback at Lulu.com
February 27, 2012

So whose down with a Reggae singer who is classically trained? What you're about to hear is different in every sense of the word. Desmond The Songwriter is truly his own man behind the microphone. Based in New Orleans, his voice is almost operatic, almost caberet and all heart. The best single on his current EP is called "No One," as it combines this voice of his with traditionally rootsy Reggae, like back-in-the-day Trojan Reggae. When I first heard this I wasn't totally sure I liked it...I didn't know what to make of it ... then I decided in short order that I loved it. Desmond is a seasoned performer having toured the US, Europe and the Caribbean extensively, and it is without question he takes pride in himself and his music. If the ten tracks soon to be released are like the three on his EP, you can be sure you will be getting some seriously feel-good music.

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