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DJ Spooky Explains the WiFi Party and Post Playlist Era

By: Spacelab Research Staff
February 29, 2012

DJ Spooky a.k.a. Paul Miller as he drops some rhythm science on why playlists are yesterday's mode and the WiFi party mode allows real-time collaboration to happen in a social environment:

"Basically, the WiFi party lets people play material from your Apple devices on the iPad remotely. You can take over soundsystems and use material from any WiFi-enabled device. I’m quite interested in technology that allows your crowd to relate to the archive you have on your phone or iPad or whatever."

"We live in the post-playlist era. The WiFi party is just a real-time reflection of what’s up." DJ Spooky when speaking to Eliot Van Buskirk of Evolver.FM.

He's been out talking up the DJ Spooky Antarctica" Book of Ice project, but he's also got a DJ Spooky "DJ Mixer" app that he previews in the video above. Forget carrying crates of your old vinyl around, DJ Spooky has gone "GigaCrates" by allowing for real-time mixing of two virtual turntables with music straight from your iTunes library.

Cut ahead in the video above to the 42:37 mark to check out DJ Spooky talking up the DJ Spooky app as well as a live demo.

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