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So What IS the Story With MOG Music? MOG Sale or No Sale?

So What IS the Story With MOG Music? MOG Sale or No Sale?

By: Spacelab Research Staff
March 1, 2012

The past few days have brought up the rumor that MOG Music might be for sale, one that is fuel for speculation the likes of what the Apple community endlessly does around the iPad3 and an iPad 3 release date. CNET started it off with the headline "Struggling music service Mog for sale." We also ran a story this week about the new MOG music player. Whether or not MOG is for sale (which we'll never know until it's announced) might not be the bigger issue here, as Hypebot points out. Streaming music sites run a plenty right now, and there might be too many of them, which means ... SHRINKAGE.

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"We're not actively trying to sell this business, said Hyman. "The Facebook integration has been fantastic for us but as we're not yet profitable we're always engaged in conversations with our shareholders about all possible options," MOG CEO David Hyman said to Reuters. The operative word being actively. Any public company is always up for sale, so his comment doesn't really answer any questions.

Hypebot uses the industry word "consolidation" to describe what might happen as 2012 plays out, saying: "Is MOG for sale? Despite conflicting reports, the answer is probably yes with the most likely suitor Rhapsody, who recently purchased Napster. But what matters much more is that we're almost certainly watching the early stages of consolidation in music streaming and much of music tech."

Hypebot also mentions that other ares ripe for change are: digital music distribution, online artists services tools and music discovery. If you're in an independent band -- be ready for change. Some of the platforms you're using to move your music might disappear or get sucked up into bigger companies or groups. As we always hear: the best advice is to run your band's online presence and use all of the other services as secondary platforms, all pushing people back to the web site, the epicenter of your online existence. Remember what happened to all of the bands that did a MySpace page in place of a web site.

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