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Grooveshark Lawsuit and Digital Music News: A Move to Dismiss

Grooveshark Lawsuit and Digital Music News: A Move to Dismiss

By: Spacelab Research Staff
March 1, 2012

The latest news in the Grooveshark lawsuit is that Grooveshark is trying to have the Grooveshark lawsuit Arista v. Escape Media, one that involves the web site Digital Music News and a post from an anonymous user.

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News that Grooveshark was being sued broke last Summer, eventually other lawsuits were filed. Digital Music News said "Grooveshark has now moved to dismiss Arista v. Escape Media, based on what it regards as totally unsubstantiated information. The motion alleges that the majors have made spurious claims that aren't backed by real evidence or sources, including an anonymous 'whistleblower' comment on Digital Music News."

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