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Hot Chip Get New Album In Our Heads In June

Hot Chip Get New Album In Our Heads In June

By: Spacelab Research Staff
March 1, 2012

New music is on the way from Hot Chip with the album In Our Heads on their (fairly) new label home of Domino Records. In Our Heads has a release date of June 12 on vinyl, CD and download. They recorded the album themselves, with help from producer Mark Ralph, and the album will be the follow up to One Life Stand in 2010. Domino Records is already gushing with excitement, saying "In Our Heads is an unadultered delight of an album bursting with dynamic dancefloor-movers, instant yet enduring hooks and verbose synth-fuelled love songs and fully cements Hot Chip's position as the world’s most talented electro-romantics."

Hot Chip: In Our Heads Track List
1. Motion Sickness
2. How Do You Do
3. Don't Deny Your Heart
4. Look At Where We Are
5. These Chains
6. Night And Day
7. Flutes
8. Now There Is Nothing
9. Ends Of The Earth
10. Let Me Be Him
11. Always Been Your Love

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