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Apple Working High Quality Streaming Media for iCloud & iTunes Match

Apple Working High Quality Streaming Media for iCloud & iTunes Match

By: Spacelab Research Staff
March 4, 2012
Apple is developing an adaptive streaming media audio file format to create a smart or intelligent streaming media from iCloud, according to a report in the Guardian. This could either be something for use with the new iTunes Match service or for the iTunes Music Store, but it has sparked a rumor that it could also be a subscription streaming music service a la Spotify.

"The new format could mean that users can get "high-definition" audio by downloading to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Alternatively, it could offer a streaming service – like that of Lala.com, the music streaming and online storage company, which Apple acquired late in 2009," reads the report in the Guardian. CNET backs it up by dropping since on the streaming media bitrates for digital music, walking us through outcomes. Check out the Spacelab Streaming Music Guide for more on streaming music sites.

This would pit the scenario in one of two ways: this is for the iCloud / iTunes Match part of the upcoming iPad 3 release as well as for use on Apple computers, the iPhone and iPod; or it could be part of an Apple subscription music streaming service. This isn’t far fetched, given last week's rumor of Apple TV negotiations happening of some kind for streaming TV. News broke last week of a new Mastered for iTunes format with albums with higher sound quality in the AAC format, so an improved quality streaming media file format could work with that. It's also rumored to be mentioned at the upcoming iPad 3 announcement this week in San Francisco, so whatever the iTunes Match / iTunes Store audio file format might be, an Apple music streaming service could unfold this week.

Find out more about iTunes and iTunes Match in the Spacelab Guide to Streaming Music Services.

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