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Amon Tobin ISAM Round Two: Box Set and More Shows

Amon Tobin ISAM Round Two: More Shows and Box Set

By: Spacelab Research Staff
March 5, 2012

In case you missed Amon Tobin on the ISAM tour last year, you'll get another go this year. He's playing out at Coachella plus a new bunch of tour dates just announced for the Fall. ISAM was a complete knock out of epic proportions on the creativity front. He and The Creators got innovative on a new stage set up that involved a cube structure that also worked for video projection, turning every side of a cube into a video screen of its own. To boot, they could also have images mapped to them en masse, creating one giant screen for one giant video image. You can check out a video from the ISAM tour here:

VIDEO: Amon Tobin Officially Killed It on the ISAM Tour

His new box set is a 6 10" singles, 7 CD and two DVDs of mostly archived and unreleased material. The announcement reads "It includes new music, unreleased dub plates and a wealth of archive material, Amon Tobin's earliest audio experiments (never been played in public before), film and television score work, unreleased score work, deleted bootlegs, 'ISAM: Live' show DVD, 'ISAM: Live' audio album, remixes, cover versions and re-interpretations of the ISAM album, remixes Amon has produced for others, a recording of the (November 2010) Royal Albert Hall orchestrations of Amon Tobin and more!" What, you couldn't throw Amon in there as well?

You can get a free download of Night Swim (Lorn Reel) at the Amon Tobin web site.

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