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New Burial EP Coming From Japanese Import

New Burial EP Coming From Japanese Import

By: Spacelab Research Staff
March 12, 2012
There's a new limited edition Burial EP on the way, which packages up the Street Halo EP and Kindred EP into one full release. It's coming out on Cargo Records with a release date of Apr. 9. It's a one-time pressing, and the quantity created will be determined by demand, with Cargo Records saying "Please note, there will only be a single production run of this release, the quantity to be determined by advance demand, so preorders are essential." The new Burial EP is a repressing (does that mean it's "repressed," i.e. double entendre?) of the Japanes Burial EP that was created as a CD release. There's no mention of a download version at this point. Get a sneak preview of half of the release with the Kindred EP streaming online right now.

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Burial - Kindred / Street Halo EP Track List
01. Street Halo
02. NYC
03. Stolen Dog
04. Kindred
05. Loner
06. Ashtray Wasp

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