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Spotify Goes Live in Germany: Let the Spotify App Revolution Begin on the German Facebook

Spotify Goes Live in Germany: Let the Spotify App Revolution Begin on the German Facebook

By: Spacelab Research Staff
March 14, 2012
Spotify has gone live in Germany, making a launch for the streaming music site in a country filled with potential Spotify premium users. This will increase the global presence for Spotify, who seems hell bent on taking the world by storm and getting into every country it possibly can to gain Spotify premium code users before one of the other streaming music sites moves in. People tend to stick with what they start with, in most cases, so it makes sense that other streaming music sites like Deezer, MOG, Rdio and Rhapsody, not to forget all of the others would want to try to enlist users as fast as possible in every country it can.

So why the wait for a Spotify German launch? GigaOm says "The reality is that Spotify has been stuck in painful negotiations with GEMA, Germany’s main music rights group, over how much it wants from the company for each song that gets played. While Spotify may well try to cut deals with the major labels, who all have a stake in the company, GEMA has remained steadfast with notoriously high rates compared with other collection societies." It's always the hang up in streaming music sites and they dance that they dance for launching to a global product: negotiations of how and how much the copyright holders get paid. Tough business to be in. The BBC says that the Spotify premium service will cost 9.99 euro ($13.10; £8.40) as a monthly monthly fee, if users don't want to go with the free Spotify service.

Hypebot explains the new numbers just released by Spotify on payouts, saying "Spotify has paid about $250 million USD (€200m) to labels and publishers, up from the $150 million since launching 3 years ago that the company previously reported. Germany is the 3rd largest paid music market globally, and represents Spotify's 13th country launch."

This also means that Germany will be able to take part in Spotify Radio app and all of the other Spotify apps that go with the platform, as Spotify is aiming to be a sort of self-styled open platform for music, or an O/S of music as .... recently said in ---. This gives potential users the ability to do a Spotify download and then reach beyond the basic Spotify free or Spotify premium app, and into all of the other spin-off apps that are being created. This also gives German users the ability to tap into the Spotify Facebook nexus and share their Spotify playlists and listening habits with others in a social media atmosphere.

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