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Massive Attack are Recording With Damon Albarn From Blur / Gorillaz

Massive Attack are Recording With Damon Albarn From Blur / Gorillaz

By: Spacelab Research Staff
March 19, 2012

Massive Attack appear to be in the studio recording, according to their posts to the Massive Attack Facebook last week. Guests in the studio included Damon Albarn, pictured above (Gorillaz, Blur) and Richard Russell (XL Recordings). Exclaim points out that Massive Attack have talked before about the follow up their super creative release Heligoland from 2010 with the possibility of reapproaching the studio vibe, saying "Maybe we'll work with less people, maybe we'll do something a bit more symphonic and instrumental. It could be completely different on every level."

Last Fall, they posted “3D & Vermona Demo” to Soundcloud, which featured the usual brooding, dark Massive Attack mindspace, but that's what keeps most of us coming back, right? Songs like “Paradise Circus” or “Teardrop” show the now patented approach of dark side / light side of music making, and “3D & Vermona Demo” filled that void. NEW MASSIVE ATTACK IS COMING!

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