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REVIEW: Arcade Fire - “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” Soulwax Remix

By: Jeff Daily
March 20, 2012
Belgian duo Soulwax take Arcade Fire's best song, "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)," and give it a sweet cocaine facelift. Allow a bit o' editorializing for just one moment ... I'm going to announce here to the world that I'm not a FAN of the Fire. They're success is a mystery to me because they're a pompous bunch of histrionic clowns. I've never heard a decent riff, lyric, arrangement, or vocal that I thought meant a good goddamn from them. Yet, everyone seems to be fooled. When the band released their last Grammy grabber I loved this song and I wished there were more like it.

Which brings me to this new remix. I've long thought Regina Chassagne's voice was the only redeeming quality within Arcade Fire's bag of novelties. She sings like Debbie Harry without the bratty edge, floating with vulnerability, and when I first heard the track "Sprawl II" I thought, "wow, this is wonderful, too bad this is on The Suburbs." Soulwax take a new wave cut and make it into a Studio 54 disco dream. I suggest playing this at parties you never want to end. Excellent!

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