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Listen to Dante Vs Zombies - “Natural Disaster” (stream)

By: Corey Tate
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April 5, 2012

Dante Vs Zombies may have just created a new genre with Spaghetti-Western-Jungle-Anthem-Not-Quite-Gentrified-Ghetto-Pop, according to a press release. Still, it's an election year and it's time to start classifying voters into segments that go beyond the pale of Nascar Dads, Soccer Moms and Volvo Democrats; so the over genre-fying of bands seems to be fair game for sport right now. How's the music? It's good ... they sound original, have a post-Misfits-Rockabilly and after-market Cramps quality about them, still they've created a sound that's fresh and modern. Check out the new Dante vs. Zombies album on April 10th with Buh via Neurotic Yell.

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