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iPhone 5 Release Date for 2012 Ramps Up with New Rumors

iPhone 5 Release Date for 2012 Ramps Up with New Rumors

By: Corey Tate
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April 8, 2012
So the speculation on when the iPhone release date is ramping up right on cue, with some speculating a release date in June, others saying that the iPhone release date will be in October like last year. Whatever iPhone rumors and news we hear in the coming months will surely include iPhone 5 features and specs, and the current favorites are 4G LTE, an iOS6 update, and the enhancement of Siri and iTunes with iCloud.

iPhone 5 Release Date

There are two camps right now: those who say that Apple will return to a June iPhone 5 release date, and those who think that based on the move last year by Apple to do up an October iPhone 5 release date, this will be the norm from here on out. What do you think? The June camp cites the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) as one of the causes, although Apple seems to have moved away from conferences like the WWDC to do their own announcements. Both the iPhone 4s release date announcement and the iPad 3 release date announcement were the start of this. The iPhone release date rumors season is fully open at this point.

There was a story this week on Macotakara that spoke of the manufacturer Foxconn hiring staff for a June iPhone release, with a recruiter saying "We're looking for 18,000 employees…for the fifth-generation phone." AppleInsider smartly wonders how a low level employee can be so "in the know" about a company as secretive as Apple. Hiring and releasing do not always track together, so this really proves nothing. It's also worth noting that an iPhone release date in the Fall and an iPad release date in the Spring gives Apple 6 months cycles to comfortably focus on each item.

I love how everyone has "sources" inside of Apple that are so in the know when we all "know" that Apple has so much secrecy inside the company that most Apple employees don't have a clue to ANYTHING about the iPad or iPhone when it's in development. But somehow, all of these people outside of the tent are just so dialed in to the inner workings of Apple ...

iPhone 5 features

One of the big rumors of iPhone 5 features right now is the 4G LTE compatibility. The iPhone also usually brings an update to iOS, so this time we could be looking at an iOS upgrade to iOS 6. This is one to watch to see how the rumors and news reports happen in coming months. The iPhone price is largely undetermined with the current model starting at $199.

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