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VEVO Facebook Connect Combination Make Big Video Adds in Timeline

VEVO Facebook Connect Combination Make Big Video Adds in Timeline

By: Corey Tate
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April 8, 2012
Since VEVO moved to Facebook-only registration with Facebook Connect, the addition of new users has doubled as VEVO music videos from have been added in use that's off the charts. VEVO partners with YouTube for its music video hosting, but it started using Facebook connect for registration last month.

Facebook Connect

One way to look at this might be that users are automatically signed up without actually knowing that they are completing the process, or just doing it in higher numbers because they don't have to manually enter all of the information -- it's automatically ported over from Facebook. If Facebook users want to add VEVO music videos to their Facebook Timeline, News Feed, and Ticker they have to register with VEVO through Facebook Connect.

In a post this week titled "Early Success Stories: Video and Open Graph," Facebook talked up VEVO, Viddy and Dailymotion as having dramatic upswings in registered users as a result of Facebook Connect registration: "The music video platform recently relaunched its site and iPhone and Android apps with a deep Facebook integration to make the user experience even more social. Since the Open Graph update, VEVO has seen exponential growth. Published actions on Facebook increased 600% from February to March, referrals from Facebook to VEVO have increased 130% in the same time frame, and 60% of Facebook referral traffic now comes from Open Graph stories. Additionally, VEVO moved to a Facebook-only registration, which has resulted in an increase of 200% in daily registrations."

Facebook Mobile

The use of Facebook mobile probably helps a lot with this, as people can interact far more frequently while on the go, watching a music video while in line at the store and and adding it to the Facebook timeline or ticker. This also means an upsurge in the VEVO iPhone and VEVO Android app usage. It's not clear what the division is between Facebook mobile and the Facebook full site is in signing up new VEVO users.

Advertising Age adds that VEVO music video views on YouTube have been in decline due to YouTube reorganizing itself into the YouTube Channels experience. It went from 97 million in February from 871.6 million in November. All Facebook mentioned that 60% of Facebook referrals come from open graph stories.

There's a split between theories right now as some think that VEVO will stop using YouTube as its music video host and move to Facebook. This leads to 3 different camps: YouTube-centric, Facebook-centric or the one that I'm a part of, which is BOTH. What do you think?

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