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iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors: What iPhone 5 Features Do You Want?

iPhone 5 Release Date Rumors: What iPhone 5 Features Do You Want?

By: Corey Tate
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April 15, 2012
The iPhone release date rumors game is evolving into a June vs October showdown for 2012, while the list of rumors around iPhone 5 features is evolving due to a MacRumors poll. There’s fresh news of a new Apple patent for wireless headphones that could go with the iPhone 5 release date,  and talk of features like 4G LTE and iOS6 alongside an iTunes update. New iPhone rumors for features emerging right now include a larger screen, wireless headphones, 4G LTE, iOS6, a Siri update and iTunes.

iPhone 5 Release Date

Gene Munster, THE man to watch in terms of Apple iPhone 5 release date predictions, is saying that the date of an iPhone 5 release will likely hinge on Apple's ability to perform on an upcoming earnings announcement, which will be announced on the date of April 24. His theory? IBT is saying that Apple can pick at whim the release date since iPhone demand is currently "captive" and there's no need to rush out a new iPhone when people are still snatching up the iPhone 4s like hotcakes.

"While our model currently assumes iPhone 5 in August, it is more likely the phone launches either late in the June quarter or early in the December quarter based on past launches," Munster said, adding "Apple's guidance will offer a hint as to the timing of the iPhone 5. The reality is the 'when' question doesn't matter for shares of AAPL as we believe consumer demand for the iPhone is captive and buyers are unlikely to go out to buy a different phone if launch is not until October."

I'm assuming that "December Quarter" means the one that starts in October, so this could reinforce the October release date and announcement, as happened for the iPhone release date last year. It certainly could provide the kind of feeding frenzy Apple would love, as everyone stampedes to get one in time for the holidays. It would also reinforce the January buying spree, once a quiet time in retail sales and now a massive consumer splurge due to holiday gift cards and gift returns.

iPhone 5 Features

Among the latest iPhone 5 features rumors is the newly-filed patent for a "Wireless headset with integrated media player," which is for wireless headphones that could tap into iPhone 5 and iPod capabilities without actually using the device, a sort of hands free headset that would be great for use around the house or when exercising and the go -- no more digging for your iPhone and navigating to the right screen, you can just use the wireless controls on the headphones for playing music, listening to voicemail and making voice memos. Throw in a Siri update to allow you to just speak commands and you have a truly voice-enabled Siri headset for the iPhone 5. We should also remember that Apple has patents for wireless headphones with advanced noise cancellation and auto shut off when you take them off of your head. The future is so right now. IBT also ran a nice list of iPhone 5 features with wireless headphones, universal remote (for Apple TV) and larger iPhone screen among those listed.

MacRumors ran an iPhone 5 features survey last month, asking users what the best new iPhone features would be. The top three features were larger screen longer battery life (always a constant), 4G LTE and iOS 6 all topped the list. See the full MacRumors survey for more. The Verge also offers a rumor on a new, four-inch iPhone 5 screen, saying “In the past year or so the smartphone landscape has seen a trend of screen size increasing from around 3.2/3.5 inches to 4.3, 4.65 and as high as 5.3 inches in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The iPhone screen however, has remained at 3.5 inches since its debut in 2007.” IBT backs this up as well. What iPhone 5 features do you want to see?

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