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Google Drive Surfaces on Android Phone in Google Hangout Video

By: Corey Tate
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April 22, 2012
News of the new Google Drive moved right along on Friday, with a Google Hangout video clearly showing a Google Drive icon on an Android Phone. It could be a cloud storage drive for Google Play or Google TV, or the rumored Google entertainment system. It appears to be some kind of Google cloud storage, or file storage for music, media files and other documents similar to the Amazon Cloud Drive.

Google has since taken down the Google Drive video, but The Verge managed to capture the video which you can watch above. This of course has set speculation alive that the Google Drive release date could be announced as early as this week, and the possibility that video was done intentionally to fuel Google Drive rumors in the form of pre-release hype (which we're obviously happy to take part in).There have been rumors in the past about a Dropbox like service from Google, even as much the possibility Google even trying to buy Dropbox itself. Look for some action on an announcement on a Google Drive release date as soon as this week.

What could be great about the Google Drive for the Android Nation is the ability to have their own version of Apple’s iCloud, Amazon’s Cloud Drive, or any of the other variants that are sure to arrive in the next 18 months. This would create a great nexus to tie between a desktop / laptop computer, an Android Phone or tablet, and even into the living room experience as people tie their TV to the internet for a home theatre set up. You’d get all of your media (music, movies, TV shows et al) in one central spot that you can use anywhere.

Are you an Android user? What would you use Google Drive for more, documents and photos or music and videos?

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