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Listen to Sigur Ros - “Kvistur” (stream)

By: Corey Tate
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April 23, 2012

The b-side of the Sigur Ros Record Store Day release has surfaced online, and you can check it as a stream in the player above, it's titled “Kvistur.” Sigur Ros will release their new album Valtari in May, and it's the first new Sigur Ros album since Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust in 2008. "I really can’t remember why we started this record, I no longer know what we were trying to do back then. I do know session after session went pear-shaped, we lost focus and almost gave up...did give up for a while. But then something happened and form started to emerge, and now i can honestly say that it’s the only Sigur Rós record I have listened to for pleasure in my own house after we’ve finished it." said Georg from Sigur Ros about the recording of Valtari. VOTE: do you like this song?

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