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iPhone 5 Release Date: iOS6 VS iPhone Release in June

iPhone 5 Release Date: iOS6 VS iPhone Release in June


By: Corey Tate
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April 29, 2012

The iPhone 5 release date seems to be honing down to Fall, and iPhone 5 release rumors are alive & well with features like a new iOS6 and revamped iCloud alongside an iTunes streaming service. Whatever your favorite theory is on the iPhone 5 release date (June or September/October), news this week brought concepts like a bigger four inch screen, sharper image with 50% more dpi (to match the iPad 3 release), a thinner iPhone 5 gained momentum with news from last week’s liquidmetal rumors, and finally the ever-present debate around the iPhone 5 release date: June at WWDC or in the Fall like the iPhone 4s release date from last year.

iPhone 5 Release Date

iPhone 5 release date theories are heavily split into two camps, I’m sure most of you are familiar with them by now: will the iPhone 5 release be announced at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in June in San Francisco, or a release date announcement in the Fall (September / October) like last year.  The week's scuttlebut seems to favor an introduction of iOS 6 at the WWDC, with the iPhone 5 release date coming in the Fall (as per MSNBC), as per last year. Still, a few die hards seem to think the iPhone 5 release will be announced at the WWDC.

I favor the (totally unpredictable) yearly release theory of iPad release in the early Spring, new iOS at WWDC and the new iPhone 5 release in the Fall for two reasons: 1) from a PR perspective, Apple never goes too long without the next big thing for the interweb to speculate on. 2) From a production standpoint, Apple gets lots of breathing room to focus solely on single initiatives rather than  too many overlapping items. The technology kiss of death is to take resources away from one item to focus on another item to try and release both on the same release date. Savvy technology peeps know better, and Apple is savvy like that.

Some believe on the iPhone 5 release date announcement as part of the WWDC logo. Michael Nace has us looking to the WWDC for visually embedded clues of "a succession of implied 5s throughout the multicolored WWDC logo," but might be pulling our leg with the following "of course, if you cock your head to the right, you see what looks like a series of apps or screens shooting upward." Can you see it?

iPhone 5 Features

The current consensus is revolving around the WWDC being for a software-focused launch of iOS6 and an iCloud upgrade. Theories abound, but in brief: iOS6 upgrades look to include an upgrade to Siri, which when launched last year seemed to be something that Apple was putting a lot of weight behind. It was a big launch, then Apple went back to the lab to "think different" and double down on new ways to use Siri. Hopefully we'll see good new things, with possible inclusion of iPad and IPod Touch for Siri. Hot new iPhone features include the new NFC patent that could allow for iTunes purchases, according to the International Business Times.

iCloud is another area "ripe” for an upgrade. Things to look for include: improved coordination between devices (duh) and (hopefully) a package of some kind of that includes all or some of the following items 1) a streaming music service that features a monthly package for streaming music, 2) a streaming TV show service (that could go well with the supposed Apple TV or iTV) and 3) streaming movie service. These could do well with social media interaction and “realtime listening” and “realtime viewing,” part of the promise of the oncoming connected TV and streaming music future. Renting online media is kind of dead, a la carte consumption for a monthly fee is oh so hot right now.

The debate on an iTunes streaming music service revolves around whether or not it would kill iTunes Music Store sales, so this one is 50/50. Same goes for TV shows and movies, plus: do they want to compete with Spotify, Netflix, Hulu et al? They could either continue down a road of media ownership or adapt to the current trend of streaming services. They risk falling behind if they don’t, they risk cannibalizing iTunes sales if they do. CONFLICTED! They could also do both, as a way to serve all interests. Streamers stream, buyers buy, everyone’s happy.

iPhone 5 Specs

Ideas right now for iPhone 5 specs include a larger iPhone 5 screen , with estimates going from 4 to upwards of more than 4.5 inches. Given the new trend of a bigger phone that merges the idea of a smartphone with a small tablet is all the rage right now, so it makes sense that Apple could think about making the the iPhone 5 a little bigger in width and height for a bigger screen and would allow for a bigger battery, always needed for longer screen time. eWeek talks of the research note from Peter Misek at Jefferies Securities as part the reasoning behind this rumor.

An improved screen 50% more dpi for a sharper image is inline with the new iPad 3, which came with its stunning retina display. If you haven’t seen the difference, it’s substantial, and makes sense that a new iPhone 5 feature would be an iPhone 5 with retina display. It makes text looks super crisp at small sizes, and the iPhone would benefit greatly from it.

We can also hope for a thinner IPhone5 based on 1) touch panels 2) liquidmetal "According to industry sources, the next flagship phones of [Apple and Samsung] are expected to adopt unprecedented materials for their main bodies, that is, ceramic for the Galaxy S3 and liquid metal for iPhone 5, both being thin, light and highly resistant to external impacts," reads the report from ETNews.

4G LTE is fast becoming a standard feature for smartphones, so an iPhone5 without 4G LTE would be behind the times, not really something that Apple is known for. The iPhone 5 price is not known at this time, but the current iPhone price is set at $199-$299, so best guess estimates can start there.

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