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REVIEW: Shivery Shakes - EP

By: Taylor Browne
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April 25, 2012
William Glosup is a name I’ve heard since high school. Throughout my teen years I have always heard about the projects or bands he was involved in. However I’ve only met him once and when I did I mistook him for another Austin based guitarist (I’ve felt bad ever since so I hope this review will placate any plans he has to enact his revenge on me. Gasp. What if he pretends to mistake me for another Austin based writer?! Oh, the social embarrassment!) And now that our age group has left the safety of college and entered the real world it is nice to see a familiar face (or hear a familiar name that is) make such an interesting and clearly talented project.

Stylistically Shivery Shakes is a surf pop band with clear influences from The Beach Boys and Roy Orbison. Their debut self-titled EP intros us to this style with the tracks Temporary Vacation and Wait. The two song writers, Glosup and Baldwin, give us two tracks that are both are swingin’, upbeat, and high energy. Wait in particular has a nice build and progression to it. The strongest track on the self-titled debut EP is Stay Young. This tune fuses the surf aesthetic established previously in the EP with Doo-wop vocals and chord progressions. The backup vocals are superb and almost angelic. The song Our Nights also benefits from this Doo-wop influence. Lyrically, Glosup deals with all the problems a young early twenties bohemian surfer…in Texas, might go through. It matches the youthful and energetic feel of the music and works. The guitar work in Stay Young and Say is catchy and doesn’t fail to put a smile on your face. The group makes good use of the garage reverb-heavy style of today’s indie pop bands but, unlike most other groups, doesn’t use reverb as a crutch.

Their first EP is a damn good listen. Judging from the energy on the EP alone I would dare say a Shivery Shakes live show would be quite a bit of fun. This EP is definitely worth five dollars of your time.

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