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Spotify iPad Arrives, Download Available Now in App Store


By: Corey Tate
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May 2, 2012

The new Spotify iPad app has arrived, making all of your playlists available in a dedicated iPad app. It’s available for download now in the App Store, and includes a full Spotify Premium preview. What do you get, in addition to the Spotify experience of 17 million songs and full use of all of the real estate on the new iPad 3 retina display? You get everything you love about Spotify, without the iPhone app resize game that some apps do as holdover until the full iPad app arrives -- the full screen thang is here. You get full use of Spotify Playlists and the whole Spotify-Facebook sharing nexus, so you can tell your peeps all about it. You’ll even get two full days of the Spotify Premium package for free, with the possibility of an extra 30 days.

But what, there’s more! You’ll get Wi-Fi syncing of Spotify on all of your devices, and access to your Inbox and the What’s New section. OK, it’s just like the Spotify app for your desktop (except for third-party apps), but now it’s on the iPad. Spotify has 3 million Spotify Premium subscribers, a nicely sized tribe. Now that the big Spotify app / music platform launch has happened, the next big thing was the Spotify iPad app. It was coming, said Chris Maples last year. That day has arrived.

"Our goal is to have Spotify available on every device possible and we’re working on new apps all the time," said Spotify rep Chris Maples when speaking to Pocket-Lint. He also said the new Spotify apps platform was "the biggest announcement that we've ever made" and a Spotify iPad app was "a priority" and was "absolutely in the pipeline." So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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